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Skate and street style fashion have been sysnonymous for decades. The choice of clothing is diverse, but having sporty and casual apparel is definitely a mainstay in both styles. 

Many of today's sports brands also fall into the hands of street wear fans, making the top names in the industry gain more reach and demographic. One such brand that resonates around the world is Volcom. Youth culture is one of their primary influences in designing sporty and casual clothing ranging from shorts, t-shirts, shirts, pants and accessories. It is no surprise to find tops that can be worn on an easy weekend and in the office, and t-shirts that appeal to both boardsports practitioners and the guys next door.

This is why we are super stoked to announce the second drop of the Volcom Spring 2019 collection here at the Yakwax store!. There's always something for everyone when Volcom drops a new collection and extras. And, of course, there's the variety that most shoppers love, so they don't leave the shop empty handed. 

Browse below for our top five picks:


The new Volcom Resorto Vallarta S/S Shirt (Neon Pink) is a nod to 'blossoming' season. Designed with Volcom's signature print on light, airy Viscose fabric that's perfect for spring's warm daytime.



The Volcom 3 Quarta Stoney 19 Boardshorts (Black) is all you need for spring-summer fun at the beach. This light and durable boardshort is ideal for swimming and surfing, as well as hanging out on your favourite warm and sunny spots.



The new Volcom PeaceIsProgress T-shirt (Light Peach) is ideal for the warm spring and summer months ahead. This t-shirt is perfect for any outdoor bottomwear and activity, and colour-wise it is subtle and appealing to both young and old.



If you love springtime activities, you will absolutely love the new Volcom Frickin Modern Stretch Shorts (Black). When you're an active guy, you'll definitely need stretchy bottomwear that allows you to move freely and effortlessly.



The striking Volcom Firzkrieg L/S Shirt (Dark Purple) is an absolute must for the stylish guy. It can be worn on its own on a warm day or as a light unbuttoned outerwear for added style and appeal on your typical casual or sporty getup.


Volcom's style is always withstanding, encompassing and innovative. Whether you love boardsports or fashion, you will always end up getting the best of both worlds with each and every collection they put out. So don't miss out on this latest drop and shop the Volcom Spring 2019 drop 2 right here at Yakwax! All with FREE UK delivery

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