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The Volcom Clothing & Accessories Fall 2022 Drop (3rd Batch) is Now at Yakwax!


Updating your fall shredding style can be a bit of a challenge especially when there are numerous brands that release plenty of apparel and accessories each season. For the outdoorsy and sporty individual, it can be frustrating when you see separate pieces from multiple brands, but end up not complementing each other once you've worn them. 

Perhaps one of the great things about many of today's skate clothing brands is their ability to create complementing, easy to wear, and timeless pieces that defy trends. Often times you may find yourself wearing two different brands, but still the items look as if they were designed to be worn together.

For skate and sports apparel, function and style go hand-in-hand, so you can pick what's appealing to your personal style. One of the most prominent brands when it comes to board sports and street style fashion is Volcom. The company is known for their rad style and cool graphic designs that appeal to all ages. 

This is why we are super stoked to receive the third installment of the Volcom Clothing & Accessories Fall 2022 Drop! You can now complete or add to your Volcom skate getup by checking out this rad collection here at the Yakwax store.

Browse below for our top five favourites from the Volcom Clothing & Accessories Fall 2022 delivery 


The cool Volcom Homak Crew Sweater (Whitecap Grey) is the perfect top for a chilly shredding day. Wear it as it is, or as a light top when it gets extra nippy outside.


The rad Volcom Boys' Caiden Dye T-shirt (Pale Aqua) is the perfect collab top with BMX legend Caiden Cernius and Austin-based artist Mike Sieben. The colour scheme and design are eye-catching, and definitely fun and comfortable to wear on a shredding day.


The Volcom Full Stone Beanie (Mocha) is the perfect cuff beanie on a chilly shredding day. This lightweight beanie provides warmth and comfort any time of day, whether you're indoor or outdoor.


The Volcom Psychedaisy T-shirt (White) is part of the brand's Eco-True collection. This tee is made from medium-weight organic cotton that's soft and comfortable to wear any time, anywhere.


Keeping it stylish on a chilly shredding day is easier with the Volcom Edmonder Sweater (Orchid). This slim fit sweater is made with cotton-wool blend to keep you warm and comfortable on a cold fall shredding day.

Shred in style without the effort by grabbing any of the stylish pieces from the Volcom Clothing & Accessories Fall 2022 Drop (batch 3). All with FREE UK delivery at Yakwax for orders £50+!