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The Vans Skate Shoes & Clothing Summer 2022 Drop has Landed at Yakwax!


Summertime skating is definitely fun and more fulfilling if you're wearing the right type of clothes and footwear. The warmth of the sun may be inviting, but be prepared for unexpected change of weather as well; not to mention sweating and discomfort when you're shredding for hours!

Skate clothing and shoes are crucial to any rider's enjoyment and performance, which is why brands continue to design and produce these items with comfort in mind. Truly, you'd want a stylish and comfortable getup whenever you're out shredding; so you would go for lightweight, airy and easy to wear getup suitable for the warm weather.

One of the many skate brands that truly devote itself to designing cool and stylish clothes and footwear is Vans. The company is an iconic presence in the skating industry for decades, and even non-skating individuals love the products they release each season.

So if you're looking for new getup for the summertime skating sessions, the Vans Skate Shoes & Clothing Summer 2022 drop is here at the Yakwax store for you to check out! Choose from a superb selection of skate shoes, tees, tank tops, shorts and hats/caps to complete your summer shredding style!

Browse below for our top five favourites from the Vans Skate Shoes & Clothing Summer 2022 delivery


If you're searching for pro model skate shoes, the Vans Kyle Walker Skate Shoes (Asphalt Blue) are the perfect choice for this season's shredding. These shoes are made for performance and durability, as well as proper feet support for guaranteed comfort during long hours of shredding!


The Vans x Juju Surf Club Crew (Black) is the perfect option for those odd chilly summer days. Whether you skate, surf or hang-out with friends, this crewneck sweatshirt will keep you warm and comfortable in style.


Let your young shredder enjoy summer shredding with the Vans Boys Burst Tie Dye Kids T-shirt (Aquatic Tie Dye). This 100% cotton tee is perfect for the warm weather as it provides comfort and effortless style while he's having fun outdoors.


The Vans Tie Dye Drop V Tank Top Vest (Mellow Rose) is the perfect top for a hot summer shredding, surfing or swimming. This tank top is versatile and will go well with any of your favourite shorts or trousers.


If you need shorts for both land and sea, the Vans Sidelines Boardshorts (Green Milieu) is the perfect option. Designed for comfort, style and ease of wear, you'll enjoy the outdoors for hours with these boardshorts and your favourite summertime top and footwear.

Make sure to get these items and more from the Vans Skate Shoes & Clothing Summer 2022 drop! You'll find a great selection of tops, shorts, footwear and many others for all ages. All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!