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The Von Zipper 2017 Collection Has Arrived at the Yakwax Store!



The warm weather calls for sun protection especially for the eyes. Whether you’re a sporty or a sports fan, it’s best to wear sunglasses whenever you are outdoors during the warm season.

If you love going out during summer or whenever the sun is out, it’s best to take care of your eyes from the glaring sunlight that can potentially damage your eyesight. Among the best options in the market today are Von Zipper sunglasses because of the UV protection they provide and the cool styles you can choose from.

We are super stoked to announce that the 2017 Von Zipper collection is now available at Yakwax! There are plenty of options for everyone, so make sure to browse our online store and we’ll ship them to you wherever part of the globe you live in.

These are our top five faves which you might also like:



Vintage style is always on trend. The new Von Zipper Empire FCG Sunglasses in Havana Tortoise Vintage is a must-have for your collection of cool classic shades.



The nw Von Zipper Psychwig Sunglasses in Black Satin Grey are the shades to go for when you want classy and versatile eyewear for any season.



Among the most stylish in this collection is the Von Zipper Alt Lesmore Sunglasses in Black Gloss arms and Flash Blue Chrome. Wear it any day for proper UV protection, while looking cool and trendy.



The new Von Zipper Booker Sunglasses in Battlestations Black Gold Glow Chrome provide sophistication and style to the wearer, while protecting the eyes at the same time.



The new Von Zipper Don Mega Sunglasses in Black White Tortoise Vintage Grey add a bit of flair to any warm weather outfit, while providing UV protection as well.


Eyeglasses are definitely providers of the ‘cool factor’ – whether for casual or formal situations and attire. But Von Zipper takes it up a notch by providing UV protection and innovative designs that also complement the quality materials they use for their products.

Get these latest shades for your next outdoor adventure right here at the Yakwax store! All with superb standard FREE UK or Worldwide Express delivery service.


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