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The Stance Women's Holiday 2017 Collection Has Landed at Yakwax!

There is only one brand that resonates when it comes to innovative, high-performance socks – Stance.

Whether you purchase socks for sports purposes or for personal use, this brand offers a great selection for men, women and kids.

Speaking of great socks selection, Stance Women’s Holiday 2017 collection has landed at the Yakwax store!

We are stoked to receive this latest drop from Stance in time for the holidays. Ladies, it’s time to throw away those old boring socks and stock up on new pairs that will rock your individual style.

Colourful, stylish and amazing socks await the ladies out there, so shop yours today from the Stance Women’s Holiday 2017 collection here at Yakwax.

Below is just a preview of what’s in store for you…

Check out our top five favourites from this collection:

The new Stance Women's Holiday Box Set Christmas Socks in Multi is an ideal gift for your BFF, sister, mom or significant other this holiday season. Quite fancy indeed, but still the super stylish and highly innovative Stance socks we all love.

The new Stance ladies Mega Socks in Black are perfect for ladies who love fuzzy crew style socks. These are perfect for long boots and shoes for wearing outdoors during the cold season.

Time to throw away those white and black athletic socks! With the new Stance ladies Tone Low Athletic Fusion Cross-fit Running Socks in Fuscia, your running and training sessions could be more fun and enjoyable.

Look and feel sexy with the new Stance Women's Gravity Knee High Socks in Multi. These socks are perfect for wearing dresses and skirts during the cold winter months, or just while you’re at home to keep your legs warm.

No need to stick with white and black socks for your athletic activities with the new Stance Women's Tone Fusion Athletic Cross-fit Running Socks in Black. Be fashionable and athletic at the same time with this floral pair of socks in tow.

These latest socks from the Stance Women’s Holiday 2017 collection are some of the most stylish pairs we’ve seen this year. So get yours as soon as you can and end 2017 and start 2018 with the coolest and most colourful socks you could wear.

Shop today at Yakwax and enjoy our killer FREE UK delivery service!

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