The Rusty Holiday 2018 Collection Has Arrived at the Yakwax Store!

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The Rusty Holiday 2018 Collection Has Arrived at the Yakwax Store!


The holiday season brings colder weather, the need for wearing thicker clothing and outerwear, and of course the holiday vacations and breaks from our hectic lives.

For boardsports practitioners and active/sporty youngsters, holiday season is the best time to go out if the weather is still manageable. When you do layer up for the cold season, t-shirts will always be part of inner wear as it is more common among boardsports practitioners. If the weather is a bit nippy, but not freezing, hoodies and light jackets are often the outerwear of choice especially among young shredders. Long-sleeved tees are also great for layering or as light outerwear, and can be easily taken off and carried around hands-free with the sleeves tied around the waist for style.

One of the styles that easily speak to shredders are logo t-shirts and hoodies. Many brands carry this style because it's a form of branding and expression as well. Among the many brands that stick to this style is Rusty - a world-renowned brand that started in the late 80's known first for their legendary founder and surfer Rusty Preisendorfer.

Rusty's approach to branding and design is simple and easily resonates with the surfing and skateboarding communities across the globe. For those who appreciate sticking to their roots and the cool simplicity of logo-style tops, Rusty is one of the favourite go-to brands.

These are the reasons why we are super stoked to announce the arrival of the Rusty Holiday 2018 collection here at the Yakwax store! Choose from the cool logo-style t-shirts and hoodies with minimal front design and big, bold backside logo.

View below for our top five picks from this latest drop of Rusty clothing

Brighten up your holiday shredding with the Rusty Comp Box T-Shirt (Flores). Wear it as it is on a warm day or with a hoodie or light jacket in the nippy afternoons - adding contrast and interest to your getup.

Stay warm and comfy while shredding or just being outdoors with your friends with the classic-looking Rusty Competition Hooded Fleece in Grey Marle. This lightweight outerwear is perfect for the chilly weather and your favourite getup of jeans, t-shirt and sneakers.

If you like classic tees, the Rusty Spike T-Shirt (White) with blue and white stripes is a great alternative to plain white, black and blue t-shirts. This tee is ideal for all types of bottoms - from jeans, chinos, walk shorts and joggers.

The Rusty Competition T-Shirt in Navy Blue is a classic example of logo-style tee with properly designed branding at the front and back. If you love collecting logo tees, this is one of the coolest to have this season.

The Rusty TV Screen 7 Long Sleeve T-Shirt in White is a cool logo-style tee that's perfect for the cold season. If you love white tees for shredding or hanging out, this is one of the coolest options today.

The Rusty Holiday 2018 collection is as straightforward as their approach to design and style. Get yours today here at Yakwax and enjoy our amazing FREE UK delivery!