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The Newest Globe Apparel Now Available at Yakwax!

Globe started from humble beginnings like any other surf and skate brands. Today, they are among the most popular brands with over two decades experience in the industry.

Which is why we are so stoked to announce that we have just receive new stock of the coolest Globe apparel and accessories! They are now available at our Yakwax store, along with our latest deals.

The newest additions in our Globe collection feature the brand’s signature vibe and colour scheme that are both pleasant and casual. Any guy who loves street style and boardsport, but dread heavily printed and brigtly coloured attire will enjoy these new additions.

If you are a laid-back guy who enjoys shopping for casual clothing and accessories, you will definitely enjoy our newest items from Globe.

Below are our Top Five picks from this batch:


The Byrd Knit Hoodie offers casual comfort and warmth in the cooler months. It is perfect for those who love cosy, laid-back outfits while shredding the skate parks or while hanging out with mates.



This Auburn Vest Gilet Jacket in black is perfect for layering your outfit during the colder months. Pair it up with an inner top such as your favourite sweater or long-sleeved t-shirt.



This Gladstone Snapback in Navy Melton is the perfect match for your casual outfit – may it be for a summer getaway or an easy afternoon shredding at the skate parks.



Time to pack your stuff in this Dux Deluxe Backpack from Globe! With uncomplicated design and colour scheme, you can take it anywhere you want to go – a sleepover at your buddy’s, a short trip out of town, and even at school!



Your boys won’t run out of socks from Monday ’til Friday with the new Globe Boys Neon Crew Socks in packs of five! Stock up and let the boys enjoy their school activities and outdoor fun while wearing these comfy socks.

Check the entire collection of Globe apparel and accessories right here at Yakwax! Shop today and take advantage of our superb FREE UK Standard Delivery Service!

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