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The Latest FCS and Gorilla Surf Accessories Now Available at Yakwax!

Both known for producing high-quality surfing gear, FCS and Gorilla Surf are more than just creating great surf products for serious riders. They are also producing accessories that help enhance the overall surfing experience of every rider.

This is one of the reasons why have these awesome brands in our store, and we are pleased to announce the arrival of the latest FCS and Gorilla surf accessories here at Yakwax!

From surfboard bags, socks, ponchos and other fun, useful items, these brands are truly must-haves in your surfing adventures.

These are our top five picks which you might also like:

The new FCS 6’7 Dayrunner Funboard Pro Ink Black Board Bag is worth the investment if you surf and travel frequently. It is padded and elastic which keep your surfboard safe from scratches and dents.

This new Gorilla Surf Gorilla Boner Stretch Fun Board Sock is a tough protective cover for your surfboard – making it an ideal gear for road travels and storage.

Change comfortably and easily into your wetsuit or regular clothes, and vice-versa, with the new FCS Chamois Poncho in Navy. Never leave home without it!

Support and save lives with the FCS Surf Aid Blue Leash String/Rope “Strings for Charity” in which 100% of the FCS profits will go to Surf Aid International.

Store and protect your surfboard with the new lightweight FCS 6’0 Stretch Fun Board Cover. It prevents scratches and damages from UV light and other external factors.

While all these products look cool and fun, they are a definite must for all surfers. Best of all, you can also help others by supporting the Strings for Charity with just a small amount added to your order.

Whether you love Gorilla Surf or FCS, or both, we have them all here at Yakwax! Get yours today and enjoy our fantastic FREE UK delivery or Worldwide Express delivery service.

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