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The Kelly Slater Wave Pool Has Been Unveiled!

Wow! Thats all I can think of after just watching the much anticipated release of the Kelly Slater wave pool. The has been a lot of hush hush about his technology, how it was going to work, would it be as good as the Wavegarden etc, and lets face it, it’s been talked about for quite some time now but it’s safe to say the wait has been worth it.

Wave garden have been leading the charge when it comes to artificial waves and with the opening of Surf Snowdonia in Wales this summer everyone seems to have forgotten that Kelly too was working on something. It has to be said that although not a total flop the waves at Surf Snowdonia have been far from the epic 6ft perfect barrels that were advertised prior to opening, it also looks much trickier to surf than the Basque test setup due to the proximity that the waves break to the central pier that creates the waves.

Now with what feels like an knockout punch Slater has released this video showing that his wave is not only longer, steeper, faster, hollower, more perfect… damn every little thing is simply better!

The question is, how many of these can he get up and running for public use around the world so we can all benefit from this artificial dredging sand bottom point break perfection?