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The Hurley Spring 2018 Collection is Now Available at Yakwax!



Initially known for innovative surf wear and accessories, Hurley has now covered a wider demographic outside of surfingand of the sports industry in general.

Hurley is certainly one of the world’s most celebrated brands among surfers and sporty individuals. It is a brand that also resonates among the fashion-forward casual and street wear aficionados for mafny years.

If you love their boardshorts and rashvestsfor surfing and swimming, this spring time is the perfect reason to get their latest products. And this is why we are super stoked to announce the arrival of the Hurley Spring 2018 apparel and accessories collection at the Yakwax store!

From t-shirts to hoodies, to caps and backpacks, you will surely enjoy browsing their latest drop at our online and physical stores.

But first, take a peek at our top five faves…

We hope you like these products as much as we do:



The new Hurley Dri-Fit Garden Cap in Black is the perfect headwear for the season! With colourful floral design and high-quality material, this cap is all you need this season and beyond.



The perfect casual top for any situation is the new Hurley One & Only L/S Shirt in Black. Wear it for work or for a special occasion while maintaining a cool and classy vibe.



If you love short travels, sleep-overs at your mates’ apartment, or going to the beach, the new Hurley Blockade Heather Backpack in Noise Aqua/Black is all you need. With plenty of space and compartments, you can stuff it with your clothes, gadgets and other necessities.



The new Hurley Finner T-Shirt in Black is the perfect tee for those who love to surf, the beach and dark-coloured tops. Wear it with your favourite shorts or pants for casual outings or for hanging out with your mates.



The new Hurley Surf Check One & Only Pullover in Noise Aqua is a light outerwear perfect for springtime’s nippy mornings and evenings, and breezy afternoons. Enjoy the outdoors while staying warm with this hoodie.

The spring season is the best reason to grab new apparel and accessories, and the Hurley Spring 2018 collection has everything you need for a casual, cool style that you love. Shop them here at Yakwaxand enjoy our awesome FREE UK delivery service!


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