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The Huf x South Park Limited Edition Capsule is Now Available at Yakwax!

If you love the cartoon series South Park, you’ll definitely enjoy having and wearing some of the products that have been produced in collaboration with this iconic TVs series.

Now, if you love South Park and Huf clothing and accessories, you will surely enjoy their exciting and colourful blend of products that any fan shouldn’t miss.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Huf x South Park Limited Edition Capsule at the Yakwax store.

From t-shirts to jackets, to socks, sandals, beanies and caps, any fan of the two iconic names will appreciate these limited edition apparel and accessories

Take a peek below for our top five picks:

The new Huf x South Park ‘Kids’ Mens Strapback Cap in White is definitely not one of those boring white caps you have at home. Wear it anywhere, for shredding or for hanging out.

The new Huf x South Park Opening T-Shirt in Blue will add interest and a fun aspect to your casual street or skate attire. This tee is perfect with any of your favourite jeans and sneakers.

Enjoy the outdoors by keeping warm with the new Huf x South Park ‘Kids’ Mens Beanie in Black. Stay warm, cozy and stylish without being boring with this statement beanie wherever you go.

When you want outerwear to match your headwear, the Huf x South Park ‘Kids’ Mens Coaches Jacket in Black is the perfect option. Perfect for those who are long-time fans of the series and the clothing brand.

The new Huf x South Park Towelie Slides Sandals in Purple are the perfect footwear to come home to after a long, tiring day of shredding. Wear them at home or outdoors for some casual hanging out with your pals.

Wearing something comfy, stylish and fun doesn’t have to be too complicated. Sometimes we all need a bit of fun with a touch of iconic cartoon characters to complete a youthful appeal. But with the Huf x South Park Limited Edition Capsule, you are stepping a notch higher with two of the world’s iconic names.

Shop for the Limited Edition Huf x South Park apparel and accessories here at Yakwax and enjoy our superb FREE UK delivery service!