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The Huf x Felix the Cat Collection is Now Available at Yakwax



Skate, surf and street style fashions are synonymous with each other because of the combination of cool and stylish complementary attire that mostly consists of t-shirt, jeansor any casual trousers, snapback caps and a light outerwear. Hufis one of the most sought-after brands in the industry that truly delivers some of today’s coolest apparel and fashion accessories.

This is why we are super stoked to announce the arrival of the Huf x Felix the Cat collection at the Yakwax store! Everything is covered from head to toe, so make sure to browse the entire collection to find what suits your style.

But first, please check below for our top five faves.

We hope you’ll like our top five picks as well:



The new HUF x Felix Box Logo T-Shirt in White is the epitome of the classic black and white cartoon. If you love classic tees and this lovable feline, this is the perfect top to grab for this warm season.



Who says you are too old and can’t have cute socks? Huf x Felix Hypnotize Crew Socks in Black are the coolest and cutest you can grab this season. They are great for sneakers and any casual shoes in your collection.



We’re loving this new Huf x Felix Hypnotise Spiral T-Shirt in Rainbow for its own twist on tie dye style tee. This is one of those colourful tops you should wear on a warm sunny day while shredding with your mates.



While colour is a must for spring and summer, this Huf x Felix Skate Pullover Hoodie in Athletic Grey is a stylish complementary outerwear for cool afternoons and nights.



Complete your spring-summer look with the new Huf x Felix Skate Curve Brim Cap Hat in Black. You can’t go wrong with a black headwear while shredding the parks, as it complements any coloured top you have in your wardrobe.


We love this awesome collab from Huf and Felixfor the designs and colour schemes they used. They are definitely perfect for the warm season, whether you love skating, surfing or just hanging out with your pals.

Shop them here at Yakwaxand enjoy our amazing FREE UK delivery service!


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