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The Grizzly Spring 2018 Collection Has Arrived at Yakwax!



Skaters and casual wear aficionados enjoy the ease of wearing basic tops and jeans in the springtime. One of the skate brands you can rely on when it comes to cool topsand griptapeis Grizzly. The brand is known for their vibrant hues and youthful designs that most skaters enjoy wearing.

Without further ado, we are happy to announce the arrival of the Grizzly Spring 2018 collection at the Yakwaxstore! Truly, Grizzly is a brand that helps you stand out with their design graphics, colour options and overall aesthetic. They are definitely brand-centric, but they also incorporate a variety of designs that appeal to a wide demographic.

You can judge for yourself what we have in store for you from this cool and vibrant collection from one of skateboarding’s iconic brands. Complete your springtime essentials with these new products from Grizzly.

Make sure to check our top five picks below for a glimpse of this collection.

We hope you’ll love our top five faves as much as we do:



Add colour on your skate deck with the new Grizzly Smoke Bear Skateboard Griptape Rasta. You can definitely feel the warmth of springtime with the ‘smoking hot’ graphic that complement the hues of the season.



We all know groms love edgy graphics on their tees, so this Grizzly Cubs Cavedigger Youths T-Shirt in White is a must this season. Whether paired with jeans or shorts, your young shredder will love this tee for outdoor fun.



Always have an outerwear ready when you go out, so this Grizzly Above The Clouds Hoodie in Tie Dye is an absolute must-have. A real head-turner with colourful tie dye design, this hoodie will come in handy on chilly mornings and nights.



This new Grizzly OG Bear Youth Trucker Cap in Black White is perfect for your young shredder and outdoor adventurer! This cap is really utilitarian, but who can resist the cute little bear design on this black and white cap?



Always provide your grom protection from nippy mornings and late afternoons by getting this new Grizzly Cubs View From The Bu Youth Hoodie in Navy Blue. It is quite minimal in design at the front, but make sure to check the back for it’s cool, clean and colourful graphic design.


When it comes to griptape and skateboarding apparel, Grizzly is always part of the list. So, make sure to browse our collection from the Grizzly Spring 2018 collection to see what’s in store for you and/or your kiddo.

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