The Dakine Surf Spring 2018 Collection Has Landed at Yakwax!

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The Dakine Surf Spring 2018 Collection Has Landed at Yakwax!

Surfing in spring calls for brand new destinations to shred and for new gear to upgrade your good old board. Of course, you can always trust your surfboard for long-term usage if it’s always kept in pristine condition. But items such as leashes, tail pads and grips, as well as car roof racks often take the major beating when you’re always travelling to surf.

This season is the best time to replace or upgrade your surf gear before going on your next surfing trip. This is why we are super stoked to announce that the Dakine surf spring 2018 collection is now available at the Yakwax store!

Make sure to browse the full collection on our website to find the perfect leash, tail pad and other accessories for your next surfing adventure. For a glimpse of this latest drop, check our top five picks below.


Find out why Dakine is one of the best surf gear brands in the industry by watching their amazing video at the end of this post.

We hope you’ll also like our top five faves below:

The new Dakine Aero Rack Car Roof Pads 28” Stencil Palm are super sleek and stylish. This pair is what your car needs on your next surfing adventure to protect both your board and car’s roof.

Who wouldn’t want to wear a pro model leash? The new Dakine John John Florence Kainui 6ft x 1/4 Regular Leash is a must-have and you can choose from a variety of vibrant colours.

If you want to match the colours of spring, the new Dakine Baja Tie Down Straps 12ft in Yellow are perfect options! Fasten and secure your surfboard on your car’s roof with a bit of whimsy with these yellow straps.

The new Dakine Front Foot Surfboard Traction in Camo is a cool addition to your surfboard. Rip the waves in style with extra grip for those tricky moves you love doing.

We love the cool, minimalist appeal of the new Dakine John John Florence Pro Surfboard Tail Pad in Black/Blue. Definitely a great addition to your surfing gear especially if you’re a fan of the pro surfer.

Whether you need to stock new surf gear or would like to update your current stash, be sure to check the Dakine surf spring 2018 collection here at Yakwax. All with FREE UK delivery.

This is how serious they are in designing and building their surf leashes. Tried and tested by pros. Enjoy!