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The Carve Sunglasses Summer 2017 Collection Has Arrived at Yakwax!



Carve is definitely one of the lifestyle brands that provide cool and beneficial eyewear to the masses. Whether you are into sports or just a casual sunnies-lover, this is the brand that truly walks the talk in various ways.

Look cool without spending a fortune with Carve polarised and UV protection sunglasses, so you can spend the rest of your hard-earned cash on the more important things in life. Enjoying the outdoors especially during summertime is better with Carve sunnies!

We are stoked to announce that the 2017 summer collection of Carve sunglasses have landed the Yakwax store! A great way to start the month is getting your pair of these sunnies before heading outside to enjoy the warm weather.

These are our top five picks from this collection:


For cateye fans, the new Carve Lila Polarized Sunglasses in Black protects your eyes from the damaging glares of sunlight, while you look trendy and cool at the same time.



A hint of colour with the new Carve Goblin Polarized Sunglasses in Blue Black is a fun and cool way to enjoy the outdoors while protecting your eyes from the sun. These sunnies are great to pair with your casual or sporty attire.



The new Carve Scarlett Sunglasses in Black stylishly protect your eyes from the sun’s damaging UV rays. Pair these with your casual outdoor getup for fun outdoor activities and meetups with your friends.



The new Carve Tijuana Polarized Sunglasses in Tortoise will make you feel like a true fashionista as you stroll outdoors. Protective, cool-looking and cost-effective – just everything you love about an eyewear!



When you want stylish sunnies, the new Carve Sublime Polarized Sunglasses in Black Frost Orange easily solve the dilemma. Pair with you favourite casual or sporty getup for a carefree outdoor adventure with your buddies.


If you love the outdoors and sunny weather, better protect your eyes wherever you go. Whether you love sports, casual hang-outs, or laid-back meetups with your friends, a pair of Carve sunglasses are great additions to any of your usual getup.

Get your latest Carve sunnies right here at the Yakwax store, together with our standard FREE UK delivery or Worldwide Express delivery service!



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