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Surfing in spring is something riders are looking forward to all year. The warm and gentle weather is quite alluring for all sorts of outdoor water sports and activities. But before heading off to your favourite surfing destination, it's best to prepare your gear and essentials to make sure you have uninterrupted shredding sessions.

Stocking up on fins is a key step in ensuring you have more fun time shredding. Having spare fins and other necessary accessories will enable you to travel far and long without having to worry about proper gear on-hand.

So, if you're looking for new items to complete your surfing gear, we are stoked to announce that we have received the surfboard fins and accessories for Spring 2020. Stock up and go get that wave!

Below is our top five favourites :



If you need an all-round set of fins, the new Futures F8 Legacy Surfboard Fins (Grey Black) are the best option today. When you need the right balance of release and drive, and the benefits of medium flex fins, this set it the perfect one for your riding style.



Keeping your fins organised and secure especially when you travel can be easily done with the new FCS Deluxe Fin Case (8-Set, Black). This 8-fin accordion style pouch has compartments/dividers, so you can put all of your fins without worrying about damaging them. 



The pro style Futures Machado Single Fin (8.5", Rust) is all you need for a variety of water/wave conditions. Easily manoeuvre your surdboard regardless of the waves you're shredding without limiting the fun of riding.



If you're the minimalist type of rider, the new FCS Deluxe Fin Case (4-Set, Black) will get you to places even with a small stock of fins. Conveniently keep your fins safe and secure without scratching or damaging them in this 4-fin pouch as you travel and search for the perfect waves to ride!



For more adventurous and advanced riders, the new FCS M7 Glass Flex Thruster Surfboard Fins (Natural) can provide the right amount of speed, maneuverability and drive in all sorts of conditions. So, when it's time to update your gear, this is a well-rounded fin set you should try.


Your riding style and surfing needs can change dramatically over the seasons, so it's best to keep up with your skill and prowess by updating your surfing gear and accessories. 

Complement your riding style and gear by getting the latest from the Surfboard Fins and Accessories Spring 2020 drop! Available at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery.


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