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Stance Snowboard Socks Winter ’17/’18 Now Available at Yakwax!



When you’re into action sports, you need the right pair of socks. High-performing snowboard and ski socks are not always easy to find in department stores. Most local sports stores are not always carrying the best brands in the industry either.

Here at Yakwaxwe carry the world’s top socks maker, Stance. And we are super stoked to announce the arrival of the Stance Winter 2017-2018 collection here at our shop.

Stance winter socks for men, womenand kidsare not just stylish, but high-performing and comfortable to suit every age during the coldest months of the year and for enjoying snowboarding and skiing as well.

Browse below for our top five picks.

These are our top five favourites which we think you might also like:



This limited edition Stance Girls Hello Kitty Snow Socks in White may be the cutest you’ll ever find this season, but they are definitely made to ski and snowboard. Every sporty girl deserves comfortable, durable and high-performing socks like these.



For lightweight and breathable socks, the new Stance Spec Snow Socks in Orange are the best options. These socks are designed with arch support and graduated compression for maximum comfort and performance.



When style meets high-performance, the Stance Women’s Silky Ski/Snowboard Socks in Black are the perfect example. Enjoy the powdery slopes in comfort with these innovative and colourful socks.



Keep your toes warm and comfy with the new Stance Ralph Ski/Snowboard Socks in Navy. These are the socks you need if you wish to stay in the snow for a long time.



Match your grom’s adventurous side with the Stance Boys Space Out Snow Socks in Purple. These socks are made for low temperatures to ensure his toes and entire feet are comfortable and protected while skiing or snowboarding.


Now, who says you can’t have colourful and stylish socks in the snow?

Shop for your own pair of Stance Snowboard Socks Winter ’17/’18 collection here at the Yakwaxstore and enjoy our amazing FREE UK delivery service!


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