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Gearing up for spring-summer shredding should be easier with today's skate decks from various brands. Sometimes, it can overwhelm the rider because of the design options; but they do come in standard sizes and materials that are quite familiar.

When you have no problem with a standard skateboard, it's common to focus on the design or graphics of the deck. If you have a penchant for uniquely designed skate decks, among the best options out there are Skateboard Cafe decks. They are usually made with standard 7-ply maple with custom graphics and prints that are unique to the brand.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Skateboard Cafe Decks Spring 2021 Drop here at Yakwax! If you love clean designs, unique graphics that are not available anywhere else, this the collection you should not miss out on.

Browse below for our top favourites from this Skateboard Cafe drop 


We're loving the new Skateboard Cafe Trumpet Logo Deck (Black/Gold, 8.375") for its sophisticated graphic design on standard 7-ply maple. This deck offers ample pop, solid construction and medium concave suitable for shredding pools, streets and parks. 


If you need to replace your good 'ol deck to kick off your spring shredding, the new Skateboard Cafe Endure Deck (Pink, 8.125") has enough pop and medium concave ideal for all sorts of skate locations. 


For beginners, the rad Skateboard Cafe Keys Deck (Black, 8.25") is especially designed for you. This deck is quite pliable, ideal for achieving lots of pop; and built for easy riding.


Don't go out without upgrading your board with the new Skateboard Cafe Unexpected Beauty Deck (Pink, 8.0"). This deck has ample pop, medium concave and durability that both newbies and experienced skaters will enjoy riding.

When it's time to update your ride, the Skateboard Cafe Decks Spring 2021 Drop is the ideal collection you should check out. All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!


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