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Skateboard Decks, Accessories and Completes for Spring 2020 - Available at Yakwax


Skating this season should be a lot easier and worry free. The beginning of the warm months beckons the rider in you to promptly prepare yourself and your gear for the long hours of shredding with your friends.

For the experienced and professional riders, having the key elements in skateboarding within their reach is essential to keeping their gear in top shape. Whilst it is seen as a bit costly for some, having a few extra hardware like wheels and grip tape could eliminate some of the possible hassles along the way. If you travel to skate in various locations and on challenging terrain, taking an extra skate deck or a complete board and extra hardware will allow you to shred for long periods without worrying much about the normal wear and tear of your gear.

Taking the time to plan your skating sessions is ideal especially if you are an avid shredder. Long hours of skating on different surfaces will surely wear your board and its accompanying hardware and accessories, so it's best to be mindful whenever you shop.

Look no further! We have the latest and raddest skateboard decks, accessories and completes for spring 2020 here at the Yakwax store. Choose from a selection of decks, completes, wheels, grip tape and hardware to complete your gear this season.

Just some of our faves from this skate decks and accessories delivery


If you're bored with plain, black grip tape, the Mob Grip Wu-Tang Stencil Pattern Griptape (Clear, 9in) is a great option to showcase your board. This clear grip with superb graphics design will surely make your ride stand out.

Shred, slide and ride fast with Bones Decenzo Monkey Bizz STF V2 Skateboard Wheels (White, 52mm). Made with treated material for added grip and to aid you in controlling your ride.


We know black grip tape is still in, but this cool Mob Grip Weed Leaf Lazer Cut Griptape (Black, 9in) is more interesting and unique with its cut-out design. This grip tape has fine-grit texture, but will definitely last a long time for those long hours of shredding.

The rad WKND Van On Fire Deck (Black, 8.25in) is not just interesting design-wise, but absolutely made for riding. Made with standard 7-ply maple for durability and designed with steep, wide nose and moderate concave.


Shred in style with substance with Globe Bannerstone Longboard Skateboard Cork Dots 41 inch (Cork/Dots). This longboard is made with cork and resin-8 hard rock maple for durability.

Skating will always be one of the favourite boards ports of our time. The key to fully enjoy riding is to be prepared and mindful of your skill and your gear. Equip yourself with proper skate gear and hardware whenever you need to shred for long hours. Make sure to check our latest drop of skate decks, accessories and completes for spring 2020 - all with FREE UK delivery here at Yakwax!