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Shopping for skate wheels and accessories during winter is a kind of preparatory phase for the coming spring. Okay, it may be a bit of a lame excuse to shop but there's always a reason and there's no specific season that can stop any avid skater, surfer or shopper!

This time around is one of the best seasons to get new sets of skate wheels - whether you're planning to skate at this time or during the warmer months of spring and summer. Preparation is key especially if you do travel to other places to skate.

As for other road tripping skaters and surfers, even the smallest items found in a local skate shop or online can be an ideal investment in the long run. Air fresheners may be small, but they can be quite helpful especially during those long road trips with your pals. Think about the long-term benefits such as keeping your vehicle smelling fresh despite the sweaty passengers or the stinky damp wetsuits after a surfing session.

Indeed, skateboard wheels and air fresheners are small, but they can be indispensable when you least expect the need for them. This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the skate wheels and air fresheners winter 2019/2020 drop here at Yakwax! Stock up this time for next season's adventures!

Browse below for our top five favourites from this skateboard Wheels delivery



Keep your car smelling good all the time with the new Santa Cruz Baked AF Air Freshener (Candy Multi). This colourful air freshener is as good as any 'hanging' car accessory with the added scent.

If you need a high-performance skateboard, your set of wheels should be the same. The Spitfire Formula Four 52mm Venomous Radial Slims 99duro Skateboard Wheels (Red) are ideal for shredding on flatspots, sliding and rough terrain.

If you're craving for the sweet scent of vanilla in your car, this cool Powell Peralta OG McGill Skull & Snake Air Freshener (Cherry Pink) is the perfect option. 



When you want a durable, high-performing set of skate wheels these colourful Bones Party Pack 52mm O.G. Formula V1 Skateboard Wheels (Multi) will meet your needs. Shred away for hours with these vibrant wheels.


Keep your vehicle smelling fresh like citrus and flowers, the Spitfire Bighead Air Freshener (Blue) will provide that much-needed freshness!

The cold months are still hanging around, but the hottest skate wheels and fragrant air fresheners for winter 2019/2020 are here to keep you moving. Order today at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!

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