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When you've been skateboarding for years now, there's a great chance that you have updated and/or replaced a few bits and pieces of your board. There may be a time that you needed to replace a complete skateboard to fit your improving skill or, perhaps, due to the irreversible damages that your gear has accumulated over time.

While many skaters hate the fact that the sport requires a certain budget for decks, accessories and hardware, there's no denying that investing on high-quality skate items is more worthwhile. If you have experienced the difference on your board's performance over the years of changing, updating and upgrading your gear, then you very well understand that it takes quality skate products with reputable names help you achieve that. Of course, let us not discount the fact that years of skating enhances your skill and prowess, which make you more engaged and enjoy skateboarding even more.

If today's the day to replace or update your skateboard, we are stoked to announce that we have the latest drop of skate hardware and accessories for summer 2020! This collection offers a superb range of decks, wheels and trucks, as well as grip tape and deck rails to help modify your current gear.

Browse below for our top five picks from this Skate hardware drop

If you love a dash of 'old school' racing vibe, the Skateboard Cafe Fast Check Embossed Skate Deck (White, 8.5in) is one of those decks that exude this quality. Made with 7-ply maple wood, this deck is definitely durable and perfect for all types of skaters.

Add a bit of fun on your skateboard with the colourful Krux Odd Future Donut Trucks (Yellow Pink). These trucks are ideal for all sorts of boards and riders for its mid height and sturdy construction.

If you're the type of rider who shreds pools, bowls and ledges, the new Powell Peralta Rib Bones Skateboard Rails (Black, One Size) are the skate accessories you need to keep you shredding the way you do for a longer time.

The Mini Logo A-Cut Skateboard Wheels (White) are great replacements for your worn-out skate wheels. If you love shredding on various surfaces, these wheels will let you transition from one surface to the next without worries.

Get that much-needed cool vibe on the other side of your board with the Grizzly T-Puds Tie Dye Stamp Griptape (Tie Dye, One Size). This grip tape is bubble-free and easy to apply, so you will be shredding in no time!

Don't let a worn-out hardware or deck get in the way of your summertime shredding! The Skate Hardware and Accessories Summer 2020 Collection has great options to keep your skating gear in top shape and in motion. All with FREE UK delivery when you order now at Yakwax!

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