Superb Skate Goods Summer 2021 Drop has Landed at Yakwax!

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Superb Skate Goods Summer 2021 Drop has Landed at Yakwax!


Many skaters are usually looking forward to the turn of the seasons. This is because there's opportunity to shop and stock items that are considered consumables as a result of the wear and tear they undergo.

Skate goods will always be a part of the rider's lifestyle especially if he is the typical avid shredder who frequents skate parks and other skate-friendly locations. Having such items on-hand whenever necessary is crucial to riders, so it's ideal to go for branded ones to ensure quality and durability.

If you're meaning to stock up on skate wheels and wax, or you simply need to replace your skate deck, this is the perfect day to do so because the Skate Goods Summer 2021 drop is now available here at Yakwax! Check our latest stock and see what's needed for your board.

Browse below for our top five favourites from the Skate Goods Summer 2021 delivery


For all-around skating, the rad SML Coffee Cruiser Skate Wheels (Forest) are the perfect option. These wheels provide solid grip and effortless ride whenever you shred.


When you need to stock up on skate wax, the Sushi On/Off Wax (Red) is the perfect choice. Made with pure, high-quality wax to let you grind and slide without hassle.


For all around skating with the right amount of pop and great board feel, the new Magenta Station Skate Deck (Blue) is the best option. This sleek deck is ideal for both pros and beginners.


When you need new wheels to upgrade your shredding, the SML Wheels Raymond Molinar Polaroids OG Wide Skate Wheels (White) are the perfect option. These wheels are tough and engineered to reduce rebound while riding.


The artistically designed Magenta Ben Gore Landscape Skate Deck (Orange) is perfect for all-around skating, and for both newbies and pros. This deck provides a poppy ride that ensures optimum shredding.

Don't miss out on the fun before the warm days are over! Make sure you have everything you need to maximise your shredding experience by checking out the Skate Goods Summer 2021 drop. FREE UK delivery when you order here at Yakwax.