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Rad Skate Clothing & Footwear Spring 2022 Drop (Various Brands) Now at Yakwax!

Rad Skate Clothing & Footwear Spring 2022 Drop (Various Brands) Now at Yakwax!

Preparing for spring-summer shredding includes shopping for the right type of footwear and clothing. There's always your go-to closet staples like tees, jeans, hoodies and sneakers; but upgrading your full skating getup is a must especially at the beginning of each season, or at least a few times each year.

The need for proper skate getup is not a new concept for riders. Many would save up for the brands they love to shop from, while others opt to mix and match the brands that usually offer items that appeal to them. Among the top names that truly resonate among riders of all ages are Vans, Globe and DC. Of course, Vans shoes and apparel is one of the world's most prominent names in skate and street style fashion; while Globe shoes and clothing have a special place in the lives of many riders from years ago and today as well. DC shoes and apparel are quite popular among the younger generations back then and in the present times because of youth culture and their overall appeal.

If there are skate brands that have engraved their names in the skating community, it's these three. This is why we are super stoked to announce the arrival of the Skate Clothing & Footwear Spring 2022 Drop from DC, Globe and Vans here at the Yakwax store! This is a special time to choose from three renowned and resonating names in skating, so make sure to check out this collection.

Browse below for our top five picks from the Skate Clothing & Footwear Spring 2022 delivery


Let your kid ride in style with the Vans Era Kids Classic Skate Shoes (Tie Dye Block | Multi, Tru). These eye-catching skate shoes are durable and designed with ample cushioning for more comfortable shredding. 



When you need a versatile top for both outdoors and casual situations, the Globe Foundation Shortsleeve Shirt (Marine) is your best bet. This shirt is lightweight and with a bit of stretch for more comfortable wear especially during the warmer days.



The DC x Sour Manual RTS Skate Shoes (Black/Black) is a combination of cool style, comfort and proper feet support. It is the perfect skate shoe for any rider who loves an ideally designed footwear for long hours of shredding.


When you need stretchy, cool shorts for the spring-summer months, the Vans Men's Sidelines Boardshort (True Navy Check) will take you to places! Whether you skate, surf, swim or just hang out under the warm sun, this versatile boardshort is a must-have.



A light sweatshirt for those nippy days should be included in your roster of spring-summer getup. The Globe LV Crewneck Sweatshirt (Rhubarb) is the perfect option for long-term wear and it is eco-aware as well.

No need to look elsewhere if you're needing new skate footwear and apparel! The Skate Clothing & Footwear Spring 2022 Drop from DC, Globe and Vans are here just waiting for you to check them out. All with FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax.