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Children love the summertime because there's the beach, going out or hanging out with friends, picnics at the park and simply playing under the sun. But for youngsters who love riding the waves, it's always essential to protect their skin from the harsh UV rays and the effects of staying in water for long.

Comfort and right fit will always be top priority for parents when it's time to choose the ideal full wetsuit for their child. But what about visibility and design? Typically, wetsuits come in single dark colours like blue, grey and black, making it difficult to spot your own kid when there are lots of children wearing the exact same thing.

Making your kid stand out among the crowd is easier with Saltskin wetsuits. These are brightly coloured and patterned kids' wetsuits that protect the skin from UV rays, unavoidable skin rashes/irritation and extreme water temperatures. They also have reinforced knee pads for extra protection and flatlock seam stitching for warmth and well-made finish.

We are super stoked to announce that the Saltskin Wetsuits Summer 2019 collection has landed at Yakwax! This collection features several animal print designs on full children's wetsuits that are definitely fun and cool for kids ages 2 to 8 years. 

Check below for a glimpse of this drop:



The new Saltskin Kids Leopard 3mm Full Wetsuit is a stylish and comfy full suit for your kid. Saltskin provides thicker than usual wetsuits to ensure your kid is protected while shredding the waves for hours.



The Saltskin Kids Ladybird 3mm Full Wetsuit is as cute as the little inspiration for its design and colour. You will definitely spot your kid easily with this full suit on him/her.



Add a bit of fun and colour on your kid's shredding session with the new Saltskin Kids Giraffe 3mm Full Wetsuit. The fun pattern on this full suit provides visibility and quirkiness to your kid's shredding sessions.



Who says zebra prints are for adults only? The new Saltskin Kids Zebra 3mm Full Wetsuit is a rad black and white surfing suit that will truly make any kid stand out among a flock of young shredders.



This cool and feisty looking Saltskin Kids Tiger 3mm Full Wetsuit is definitely made for serious young surfers. Your kid will look absolutely badass as he/she shreds the waves in this stylish full suit.


Providing kids proper surfing wetsuit should mean more fun and protection for your child. Dark-coloured full wetsuit may be an all time favourite among young and old riders, but patterns and colours liven the entire look of surfers especially when everyone around them wear the same colour and style.

For children aged 2 to 8, it's is essential to let them wear colourful wetsuits so you can identify them among the crowd. So, get your kids' full wetsuits from the Saltskin Summer 2019 collection available here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!


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