The Saltskin Kids' Wetsuits Summer 2021 Drop has Arrived at Yakwax!

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The Saltskin Kids' Wetsuits Summer 2021 Collection has Arrived at Yakwax!


The summer months are in and we all know what that means - going to the beach! Families typically go together especially during the weekend and holidays. However, if you have small kids in tow, it's best for them to wear the right surf/swim wear to protect them from the harsh sun, and for better visibility.

Losing sight of your kiddo can be quite traumatic especially during a beach adventure. These times may require all of us to social distance and not to go out frequently; but when you do, it's logical to keep an eye on your kids especially when you're out for a swim and surf getaway. It's also easier to spot them in and out of the water if they're wearing brightly coloured surf wear that stands out.

So, if you're looking for kids' rash vests or summer/spring wetsuits, we've got you covered! The Saltskin Kids' Wetsuits Summer 2021 drop has landed at Yakwax, and we cannot wait for you to check them out.

Browse below for our top five picks from the Saltskin Kids' Wetsuits Summer 2021 delivery saltskin-kids-ladybird-2mm-shorty-spring-wetsuit-ladybird

Your kiddo will love the look and feel of this cute Saltskin Kids Ladybird 2mm Shorty Spring Wetsuit (Ladybird). This spring-summer shorty also provides UV protection and comfort, while also making them easy to spot among other beach-goers.


If you need a comfortable, UV-protective swim/surf top for your kid, this eye-catching Saltskin Kids Rash Sun Vest (Tiger) is the perfect option. This is also ideal for kids who don't like a full wetsuit or shorty while swimming/surfing.


You can easily spot your child in case he/she heads out to the waters faster than you with Saltskin Kids Giraffe 2mm Shorty Spring Wetsuit (Giraffe). This striking shorty wetsuit provides UV protection and comfort fit in and out of the water.


Let your child enjoy the warm weather and water with the Saltskin Kids UV Shorty Sun Suit (Leopard). Equipped with SPF 50+ UV protection, comfort fit and stretchiness, this shorty sun suit will make your kid stand out while surfing or swimming!


We're loving this cute Saltskin Kids Rash Sun Vest (Ladybird) for its bold print and colour scheme. This boldly coloured and comfortable sun vest will protect your kiddo from harsh UV rays while he/she is enjoying the waters for hours.

Kids should fully enjoy the warmth of the sun without suffering from harsh UV rays and discomfort from stiff swim/surf wear. The Saltskin Kids' Wetsuits Summer 2021 collection combined the much-needed comfort, UV protection and brightly coloured printed fabrics to come up with the perfect swim and surf wear for youngsters. Get them here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!