Pass-Port Skateboard Decks Spring 2021 drop Now Available at Yakwax!

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Rad Pass-Port Skateboard Decks Spring 2021 Drop Now Available at Yakwax!


Skating this season may require a new board and/or skate parts that you are short on. Most riders are usually stocking up on skateboard accessories and hardware during the start of the year since the weather is more pleasant and more shredding sessions occur in the spring-summer months.

Checking up on your skate deck is probably the first thing you do prior a spring shred. So, if you need one right now it's best to look for a deck that will meet your riding style. If you're the type of rider who wants to try a different brand every now and then, Pass-port skateboard decks is one of those brands you should try. The Australian brand has been around for over a decade providing skate decks, apparel and accessories to locals and international riders alike.

If this is your fist time to try another international skate deck brand, then you must check out the Pass-Port Skateboard Decks Spring 2021 Drop here at Yakwax! We've got hold of some of their creatively designed decks in various sizes to fit almost every rider's needs.

Browse below for our top picks:


The rad Pass-Port Low Life Series Ceramics Deck (White, 8.0") has the right pop and medium concave that's ideal for all sorts of riders. Enjoy every ride with this artfully crafted deck this spring shredding.


The Pass-Port Josh Pall Lori Stained Glass Deck (Stained, 8.125") offers optimum ride and the right pop for more enjoyable shredding sessions. Like one of the "stained glass" series' decks, this beautifully designed deck has ample pop and medium concave for that optimum skating experience.


The artsy Pass-Port Dean Palmer Galah Stained Glass Deck (Stained, 8.25") is one of the creatively crafted "stained glass" series decks that provides great pop and medium concave for more enjoyable shreds this season.


If you need a rad, new deck this season, the artful Pass-Port Calum Paul Maggie Stained Glass Deck (Stained, 8.25") will meet your riding style. Designed to deliver the right pop, flexibility and durability, you can ride away in style whether you're a newbie or an experienced skater.

Choosing a skate deck should be a fun and easy experience this season when you have amazing options like the ones from the Pass-port Skateboard Decks Spring 2021 drop. Get yours here at Yakwax and enjoy our FREE UK delivery!