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Rad Ocean and Earth Surf Gear and Accessories Summer 2020 Now Available at Yakwax!


Getting the most of the remaining weeks of summer should also be the time for stocking up new and exciting surf gear and accessories for the coming cold months. It's always best to check your surf gear if they're still in good shape or already needing replacement for the next season's sessions.

Having an excellent stock on-hand of surf gear that typically undergo the usual wear and tear can save time and money, as well as lower your risk of surf-related accidents and injuries. Worn-out surf gear and accessories can cause unnecessary discomfort and hassles while you're shredding, so it's best to have good quality surf products at your disposal.

One of the most renowned brands in surf gear and accessories is Ocean and Earth. They have a vast array of surfboard leashes, tail pads and grips, board bags and other practical items that benefit the travelling surfer.

We are super stoked to announce the arrival of the Ocean and Earth Surf Gear and Accessories Summer 2020 collection here at the Yakwax store! Start stocking up on leashes, tail pads/deck grips, board bags and other accessories to suit your year-round surfing needs.

Below is our top five favourites from this drop of Ocean and Earth surfing accessories


If you love artistic design, the rad Ocean and Earth Ryan Callinan Signature Tail Pad Deck Grip (White) will add a touch of cool vibe and colour on your board. It's time to update your surfboard with a cool tail pad to ensure long hours of surfing!


When you're planning for fall and winter surfing this year, it's ideal to stock up on the new Ocean and Earth Regular XT Cold Water Leash (Black, 6ft 0in). Don't leave home without this new 6-foot leash this coming fall shredding season.


When you need a sturdy, protective bag for your board, the new Ocean and Earth Barry Basic Shortboard/Surfboard Cover 2020 (Silver/Blue, 6ft 4in) is the best option. With three layers of protective materials to ensure your board is safe and sound especially during travels.


For avid SUP and longboard riders, the new Ocean and Earth SUP / Longboard Coiled Regular Ankle Leash (Black, 9ft 0in) is the perfect leash for flat water paddling. Mobility is not a problem with this rad new coiled leash that enables 360-degree movement.


The Ocean and Earth Flight Surfboard Tail Pad Deck Grip (Black) is designed to let the rider control and drive while shredding. If this is your style of surfing, then this tail pad is definitely for you.

Make sure to have all the necessary accessories and gear on-hand before you hit the waters. Check out the latest items from the Ocean and Earth Surf Gear and Accessories Summer 2020 collection. Available here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!