The Northcore Surf Products Summer 2021 Drop is Now at Yakwax!

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The Northcore Surf Products Summer 2021 Drop is Now at Yakwax!


Going out for a surfing adventure should always be fun and worthwhile. But there are times when your enjoyment is hampered by lack of preparation especially when it comes to proper gear and accessories.

Surely, there are surf products within reach and easily accessible wherever you go. But finding top-quality items should be your focus especially if you're a serious surfer. Luckily, in today's market, there are brands that offer a great deal of surf products that will not easily wear out or break after a few months of using them. One such brand is Northcore - one of the world's leading names in surf and outdoor adventure products. The company is renowned for their innovative approach to designing and manufacturing outdoor and active lifestyle products - from technical equipment to clothing, accessories and other related products.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Northcore Surf Products Summer 2021 collection here at the Yakwax store! With a great selection of surfing accessories to complete your next adventure, you will always be well-kitted and prepared for the best adventures!

Browse below for our top five picks from the Northcore Surf Products Summer 2021 delivery


Don't let your dripping wetsuit ruin your car and your day - with the bright and eye-catching Northcore 20L Dry Bag Backpack (Yellow), you'll always be travelling dry to and from your favourite surfing destination.


Keeping your vehicle and surfboard scratch-free is easier with the Northcore Camo Wide Load Roof Bar Pads (Camo). Never leave home without these car roof bar pads in place and for your peace of mind.


You can always stay dry and not exposed while changing your wetsuit or dry clothes with the Northcore Beach Basha Changing Robe (Red Stripes). This robe will also keep you warm and comfy after a swim or surf especially on a cold shredding day.


No car roof racks? No problem! Get yourself the rad Northcore Double Soft Roof Rack (Black) system to prevent scratches both on your car and surfboard. This lightweight roof rack system provides sturdy metal buckles and webbing, so you can transport up to 10 boards!


If you love surfing on various conditions, the Northcore 6'0 Surfboard Leash (Blue) is the perfect leash for waves between 2 and 8 feet. This is a lighter, but sturdy surfboard leash made with competition-grade urethane, military-grade Velco strap, and stainless steel double-swivel bearings to ensure long-lasting use.

Make your next surfing adventure a more enjoyable one by upgrading your accessories with some of the superb items from the Northcore Surf Products Summer 2021 collection. Order yours here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!