New Tail Pads and Deck Grips Now Available at Yakwax!

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New Tail Pads and Deck Grips Now Available at Yakwax!

Slipping and sliding off of the surfboard are the nemesis of riders. This is why tail pads and deck grips were developed and continually being improved using innovative design and process. Such efforts are evident among the top brands of tail pads and deck grips of today such as Channel Islands and Modom, for they have evolved according to the needs of surfers and the waters they tread.

We are so stoked to carry only the finest brands in tail grip and traction pads, and some of their latest releases have recently landed at Yakwax! Take a browse at our latest collection and see which ones will match your surfing needs.

Too many to choose from? How about checking our top five picks below:

The new Channel Islands Jordy Smith Deck Grip Surfboard Tail Pad in White, Black colourway is the best option for high-kicking surfers who also have the same progressive surfing style as pro rider. This is a pro model designed according to Smith’s surfing style.

This new Channel Islands Yadin Nicol Deck Grip Surfboard Tail Pad in Blue Camo provides a 36mm tail kick and central arch for the surfer who loves taking his style to the next level.

If you want a lightweight tail pad with medium kick at the tail, this new Channel Islands Bobby Martinez Deck Grip Surfboard Tail Pad in Red, White, Green colourway is the ideal choice for your next surfing adventure!

The new Modom Taj Burrow Deck Grip Surfboard Tail Pad in White is the right choice for surfers who want extra traction, high kick and extra grip when pushing through turns.

This new Channel Islands 4 Piece Front Foot Surfboard Grip Pad in Black offers more traction and protection particularly for unavoidable ‘flats’ landings.

Stay on your surfboard while shredding the waves in your favourite locations with these tail pads and deck grips. Get them today right here at Yakwax, together with our superb FREE UK delivery or Worldwide Express delivery service!