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New Sunnies By Nectar at Yakwax

Yakwax has been searching for quality yet affordable products just for you! And here’s what we’ve got, SUNGLASSES from Nectar! We know that you really need these in your life, especially when you don’t want to break the bank but instead concentrate soaking up the sun for hours on end. Protect your eyes and look cool doing so!

Yakwax has a huge number of Nectar’s collection! We have a vast range of colours and styles to choose from.

Nectar always brings the goods when it comes to creating sunglasses that can protect our precious eyes. Their sunglasses have either Polarised or UV protection technology.

Nectar’s Polarised sunglasses features a special layer on the lens that acts like blinds on window, preventing the glare from hitting our eyes this allows for comfy happy relaxed eyes with unobstructed vision!

While Nectar’s UV protection technology can protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun that can destroy your vision. It can also help in preventing macular degeneration, cataracts, pterygium, and corneal sunburn! 

Our 5 Favourite Picks

Below, we have selected some of the styles and colours which caught out eye the most (no pun intended):

nectar rayve sunglasses in clear blue green
Simple yet stylish. You will never fall out of style with its bluish green lenses – The Rayve by Nectar.

nectar sully polarized sunglasses in gold amber
Protect your eyes with these cool Gold Amber coloured Aviator sunglasses – The Sully by Nectar.

nectar cabella polarized sunglasses glossy black and black
Black is black, it’ll never really gets out of style. Such an awesome new frame by Nectar called the Cabella

nectar bungalow sunglasses in green tortoise gold
Get fashionable sunglasses while protecting your eyes with this cool Tortoise design – Presenting the Bungalow by Nectar.

Yakwax got a lot of Nectar’s sunglasses. Check out the full collection from Nectar here. Click the link for an immense selection all with Free UK Delivery.

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