New Stock of GoPro Cameras and Accessories Now Available at Yakwax!

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New Stock of GoPro Cameras and Accessories Now Available at Yakwax!

Capture every thrilling moment with GoPro!

Just like you, we love extreme sports and outdoor fun. Such enjoyable memories are worthy of capturing and sharing using the newest GoPro cameras and accessories available at the Yakwax store!

Whatever sport, outdoor activity or even the most laid-back holiday, there’s always something worthy of capturing using GoPro action cams. Depending on your location and activity, you will, sooner or later, need a few accessories to help improve your camera shots.

Below are our top picks from this latest stock of GoPro products:

The new GoPro HERO5 Session Action Camera is compact, sleek and can capture amazing new perspectives – definitely the perfect action cam for epic outdoor fun and adventure.

One of the basic accessories you will need after purchasing your GoPro action cam is this GoPro The Strap Mount. It fits around leg, arm and larger objects to let you capture the action without hindering you from being in it and enjoying it.

This GoPro Floaty for Hero 4 Session Camera lets you enjoy and capture all sorts of water activities while it protects your action cam from floating away or getting damaged in extreme water conditions.

The GoPro Chest Mount Harness – Camera Mount lets you capture immersive action photos and videos. The ‘chesty’ is a great alternative for helmet strap and mount, and it is fully adjustable and can be worn while skiing, biking, skateboarding and many other activities.

Get the new GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount for more exciting action cam angles while skiing, biking, paddling and other outdoor adventures requiring you to wear a helmet.

More fun and excitement are coming your way when you love the outdoors or extreme sports. Capture every moment with GoPro and you’ll never look at adventure the same way again.

Check our collection of GoPro products and set your next memorable adventure with the latest models and accessories available here at Yakwax.

Order yours today and receive our superb FREE UK Standard Delivery service!