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New Santa Cruz and Independent Skate Wear and Accessories Available at Yakwax

Santa Cruz and Independent are legendary skate brands that continue to produce innovative products for the core market. Both brands are distributed by NHS Inc., an iconic conglomerate that also distributes other renowned brands in the board sports industry.

Apart from their skateboards and hardware, Santa Cruz and Independent are true innovators in all departments. Particularly when it comes to skate fashion, they produce excellent quality clothing and fashion accessories that even ‘wow’ non-skaters.

We are so stoked that the latest skate wear and accessories from both brands have landed the Yakwax store!

Below are our top five picks from this latest arrival:

This cool Santa Cruz Cali Dot Colour t-Shirt in Blue is one comfortable top you should get for the warm months. Best for shredding outdoors, hanging out and other activities.

This new Independent Built Tough Snapback Trucker Cap in Black is highly breathable and comfortable for those warm summer/spring shredding at the parks.

Go out in style with this new Santa Cruz Embossed Knot Belt in Red. Best worn with a tucked top over dark-coloured chino pants or jeans.

The new stylish Santa Cruz Camo Wallet is slim and easy to slip into your pants back pocket. You can organise your cash, cards and coins with this bi-fold wallet.

The new Santa Cruz The Point Land Shark Cruiser (8.8 in x 27.7 in) is the ideal cruiser for newbie skaters who are learning the ropes of their favourite tricks. This cruiser is fast and smooth when riding on rough roads.

Being stylish while skating is not too difficult with the latest Santa Cruz and Independent skate apparel and accessories. Get them today at Yakwax and enjoy our rad standard FREE UK delivery or Worldwide Express delivery service!