New FCS and Futures Fins Now Available at Yakwax!

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New FCS and Futures Fins Now Available at Yakwax!

Two of the world’s most sought-after brands when it comes to surfboard fins are FCS and Futures. Many surfers can easily recommend or mention these two brands to other surfers because of their technical features and great fin concepts. Both brands manufacture fins made of strong, lightweight materials that do not break easily, allowing surfers to ride even the most challenging waves.

Whether you like the feel of glass-on fins or the benefits of using removable fins, stocking up on FCS and Futures fins will benefit your surfing in the best ways possible.

This is why we are so stoked to announce the latest drops from FCS and Futures here at the Yakwax store! From standard surfboard fins to longboard fins, we have something for you to choose from.

Below are our top five picks which you might also like:

The new rad Futures Controller Quad Alpha Surfboard Fins in Black is part of the Alpha fins series, designed in collaboration with 3M. This fin is ideal for wide tails and hybrid fish boards due to its carbon and air infused build.

The new FCS II Fat Boy PG 9” Longboard Fin in Yellow/Blue has this odd bulb-like tip that holds your board’s tail in the water. It is ideal for both traditional and performance longboards.

The new FCS II Kai Sallas 6.5” Smoke Surfboard Fin is ideal for balancing drive, hold and response as you surf. This is a tool-less fin, so installation is easy.

The new Futures QD 3.5 Honeycomb Quad Rear Surfboard Fins in Grey is what you need when you want high-performing and lightweight fins.

For shredding longer waves and for conquering ‘bumps ‘, the new FCS II Whip PG 8” Longboard Fin in Green is the perfect choice.

When it’s time to get new fins for your board, FCS and Futures fins resonate the most among surfers in many parts of the world. So, make sure to shop for the latest fins and see how you perform and conquer more waves!

Shop here at Yakwax for FCS and Futures fins and enjoy our superb FREE UK delivery or Worldwide Express delivery service.