New Balance Numeric Fall 2018 Collection Now Available at Yakwax!

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Cool and Stylish New Balance Numeric Fall 2018 Collection Now Available at Yakwax!


Shopping for skate shoes is easier today, thanks to dedicated brands and their continuous effort to provide excellent footwear. Both professional and amateur skateboarders benefit from the innovative designs and safety features of these skate shoes, enabling them to perform better without the drastic effects of impacts.

One such brand that resonates among all skaters across the globe is New Balance Numeric. This is the specific division of the iconic shoe brand that focuses on creating rad technical skate shoes oozing with style and classic appeal.

This is why we are super stoked to announce that the New Balance Numeric Fall 2018 collection has arrived at Yakwax!

If you haven't shopped for new pair of skate shoes, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Take a peek at our top five favourites from this drop:

If you love classic skate shoes, the New Balance Numeric 255 Shoes in White White Leather are the perfect example. They are absolutely made for shredding in style and will go very well with any of your sports and casual getup.

The New Balance Numeric 533 Shoes in Black Gum are definitely oozing with style. These shoes are properly designed for shredding to protect the wearer's feet, but they're also made for adding a bit of 'cool' on your sports and casual wear.

For proper skate shoes with all the much-needed features, the New Balance Numeric 420 Shoes in Forest Gum are the ultimate footwear to go for. If you're an avid skater, these shoes are a must-have this season.

The New Balance Numeric 868 Shoes in Grey Black are the technical skate shoes you need for long-term shredding. Designed to protect and support your feet while doing your favourite tricks.

For suede-loving skaters, the New Balance Numeric 345 Shoes in Black Brown Suede are the perfect shoes for you. Shred in style with all the benefits of technical skate shoes!

When it's time to invest on technical skate shoes, the New Balance Numeric has the best selection for your shredding and style needs. Order today at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!