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Summertime style includes a pair of cool sunglasses among other must-have accessories for the season. Sunnies protect the eyes from bright sunlight and provide UV protection as well.

These days, UV protective sunglasses are more common and they provide protection and chic style to the wearer. One of the most popular brands on the market is Nectar - known for their quality lifestyle sunnies at very reasonable prices.

To date, Nectar continues to produce stylish and high-end looking sunglasses at less than £50. Choose from their wide range of styles and colours with polarised and UV lenses to complement your individual style and needs.

This is why we are super stoked to announce arrival of the 2018 Nectar sunnies collection at Yakwax

Add something new to your growing collection of cool and stylish sunglasses without emptying your wallet. Just browse this collection or take a peak at our top five favourites below.

We hope you like our top five faves as much as we do:



If you love aviator style sunnies, the new Nectar Rizz Polarised Sunglasses in Rose Gold Pink is the perfect pair to have this summer. Quite stylish with signature polarised lenses and UV protection.


The Nectar Alpha Polarised Sunglasses Black Black is all about function and style. For those who love aviator shades with unique features, this pair of sunnies is a cool option.



The new Nectar Arctic Polarised Sunglasses in Transparent Grey Blue is the ideal option if you like wearing lightweight sunnies. Quite stylish and impact resistant, these sunnies will complement any of your favourite casual attire.



These rad new Nectar Rico Polarised Sunglasses in Black Pink are the epitome of cool. Great for those who require glare-reduction sunnies or if you have highly sensitive eyes. 



If you need a dash of chic on your casual style, the new Nectar Brig Polarised Sunglasses in Fade Tortoise Gold Mirror will exceed your expectation. Stylish, functional and catwalk material, these sunnies will surely turn heads when you walk by. 


Sunglasses by renowned brand Nectar are much sought-after especially by skate, surf and streetwear aficionados. They are budget-friendly and high-end in terms of quality and style. 

Protect your eyes when you go outdoors with any of our latest sunnies from the Nectar 2018 collection. All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!


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