The Latest Drop of Skateboard Decks and Completes for 2019 at Yakwax

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The Latest Drop of Skateboard Decks and Completes for 2019 at Yakwax


It's all about cool and eye-catching graphics when it comes to the latest skateboard decks and completes. Today's young skaters understand the aesthetics of skating from gear to apparel and accessories.

Skateboards are beaming signature styles of the individuals who ride them, which is why today's iconic brands are either hiring or collaborating with renowned artists to create the raddest graphic designs for decks and completes.

We are so stoked to share our latest drop of skateboard decks and completes from various top skate brands we carry. All are colourful array of graphic design - the perfect gear to start the year's shredding sessions!

Check below for our top five picks from this skate decks drop

The Rocket Skateboards Surveillance Series Jungle 8.0in Deck (Green) is a uniquely designed board made with 7-ply maple, 5.25" trucks with PU cushion and Abec 5 bearings. This is the perfect new skateboard to shred into Spring.

If you like a "poppy", funny deck, the Girl Walk of Fame Rick McCrank Skate Deck 8.125 is the perfect choice. When you only want to shred and somehow make others smile or take a second look, this deck can help you through.

For fans of pro skate decks, the Blind Skateboards Odyssey R7 Romar Skateboard Deck 8.125 should top your list of choices. Built using Resin-7 technology for solid construction and pop.

Get a head start at shredding this year with the Anti Hero Pigeon Hero 7.75in Skateboard (Orange). This brightly coloured board is sturdy enough to withstand your shredding sessions and tricks.

For those who appreciate decks with steep kick, the Enjoi Whitey Panda Logo R7 Skateboard Deck 7.75in (White) is the ideal option. Tasteful in graphics and sturdy in built, this is the deck to go for when it's time to update your skate gear.

Shred in style with the latest skateboard decks and completes from our latest drop. All with FREE UK delivery when you order yours here at Yakwax!