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If you have a youngster with an active lifestyle, it is ideal to provide him with comfortable clothing and accessories that fit the season. With springtime just around the corner, there's plenty of reasons for your kid to enjoy the outdoors - whether just simply hanging out, or surfing with his friends, and other similar activities.

Spring is one of the seasons that encourage active kids to go out and play; so, clothing should be comfortable, easy to move around, and not easy to wear-and-tear. Among the brands that offer some of the best and high-quality clothes and accessories for boys is Hurley. The brand is known for their award-winning boardshorts and innovative ways of producing topnotch sports and casual apparel and accessories for young and old.

We are super stoked that the Hurley Boys Spring 2020 collection has landed at the Yakwax store - just in time for spring shopping for your kids' wardrobe. 

Browse below for our top five picks:



The warmer months of spring through summer call for comfy clothing, so the new Hurley Boys Phantom Walkshort (Black Heather) is an absolute must for your kiddo's getup. Whether he shreds or not, these walkshorts are great for outdoor fun and activities.



Protect your kid's face and eyes during the hot spring days with this cool Hurley Boys One & Only Gradient Cap Hat (Black). It's definitely an all-around snapback cap for sports activities, hanging-out, or just chilling somewhere in the backyard!



Your kid will need an airy and comfortable top this spring, so the Hurley Boys One & Only Gradient 2.0 T-Shirt (Soar Heather) is a great option. He can match it with his favourite shorts, jeans or boardshorts for a chill and laid-back look.



Active groms will surely need comfortable and sweat-wicking bottomwear this spring time, so the new Hurley Boys Dri-Fit Onshore Mesh Shorts (Obsidian) should be part of his outdoor getup during the warm months of spring to summer. These shorts will keep him dry and comfortable throughout the day.



When it's still a bit nippy in the early mornings, late afternoons until night time, your kid will need an outerwear to keep him warm. The Hurley Boys Onshore Blocked Quarter Zip (Obsidian) is a great option especially if he loves morning and late afternoon outdoor activities with his friends.


Surely, youngsters will agree that it's best to look for spring clothing and accessories made by some of today's top brands such as Hurley.

So, make sure to check the Hurley Boys Spring 2020 collection- it has a great selection for kids who love sports and easy to wear getup. Order today at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!    


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