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Wearing something new and cool, but essential for spring-summer weather and skateboarding should not be a difficult decision to make. Brands who specialise in skate and street style clothing understand the needs of riders and all those who love skate style. There's an always an element of cool and edgy, together with a dash of sportiness and function, these brands are able to create clothing and accessories that fit each season.

Many brands in the skating industry are not only focused on gear and hardware, but on clothing and fashion as well. These are the brands that amplify skate style and fashion even beyond the realms of skateboarding. One of these brands that capture the independent spirit and skate culture, and turn them into edgy designs is Huf. They are known for skate and street style apparel and accessories, as well as footwear that complements the active lifestyles of riders and outdoorsy individuals.

This is why we are super stoked that the Huf Spring 2020 collection has arrived at the Yakwax store! You will find a selection of rad tees, shirts and outerwear that complement the springtime weather.

Browse below for out top five favourites:



If you want something uniquely cool this spring, the new Huf Newport Jacket (Multi) is a bomber style outerwear with a classic appeal. Wear it with your favourite t-shirt and jeans for a laid-back spring shredding or hanging out with your friends.



We're loving the new Huf Quake USA T-Shirt (Black) with its puff 3D design at the front and back. Now who says black t-shirts are boring and mundane - this one certainly isn't!



For those casual days, the new Huf Disorder S/S Shirt (Black) is the perfect top. Wear it with any of your favourite jeans and trousers, with matching sneakers or casual shoes for a cool look.



The cool, new Huf Landmark Logo Crewneck Sweatshirt (Grey Heather) is ideal for those nippy morning/evening shred. Wear it over your fave t-shirt when it's chilly, and complement with your favourite jeans and footwear for a rad an effortless skate style.



Everyone love white t-shirts and the new Huf 3D Box T-Shirt (White) is a must-have this spring. With a bigger design at the back, this tee can surely make a statement without even trying! Wear it with jeans or shorts, and sneakers for a comfortable shredding getup.


Being outdoors in spring brings out the best in skate and street style fashion. But if you love cool and edgy skating getup, the Huf Spring 2020 collection has some of the coolest items you'll find today. All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax

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