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Cool Huf Skate Clothing & Accessories Spring 2021 Drop Now Available at Yakwax!


Shopping for spring skate clothes should have a strategy. You should pick the combination of clothes that will last throughout the season and the entire year without wearing out your getup too much. Of course, quality and durability will always be the main ingredient in keeping your getup and stretching its lifespan for a few years. Next is to choose colour schemes and designs that will match your preferences and other existing clothes. The good thing about most skate wear brands is they understand these factors among others.

In keeping the interest, cool aesthetic, and the occasional edgy appeal, it's best to go for a brand that offers all these elements and more. Among the top brands on the list is Huf. The company is known for pushing the envelope when it comes to cool and edgy skate apparel and accessories. With graphic designs that can be intriguing to a bit controversial, Huf skate clothing and accessories are among the most sought-after pieces every season.

So, if you want to update your style from the good 'ol skate staples to the more eye-catching pieces, the Huf Skate Clothing & Accessories Spring 2021 Drop has an amazing collection to offer. This drop is hot, so better grab yours today before we ran out of stock!

Below are our top five faves from the Huf Skate Clothing & Accessories Spring 2021 delivery


If you need a new colour palette to add to your collection of skate wear, the new Huf TT Embossed Hoodie (Mint) is one option you shouldn't miss out on! This cool and classy hoodie is great to mix and match with any of your favourite jeans/trousers and tees.


When it's time to replace your worn out deck, the cool Huf x Street Fighter Bonus Stage Skateboard Deck (White) is ideal if you're after a poppy and durable 8.25" board. This deck is limited edition, so better grab one before it's too late!


You might be intrigued with the Huf Her Reversible Bucket Hat (Black) especially if you take a second look. But let's face it, this hat is definitely stylish and useful especially during those warm sunny days.


The cool early morning/evening shred deserves a Huf Haze Handstyle 1 Crewneck (Athletic Heather) tee. If you're not fond of wearing an outerwear, this long-sleeved t-shirt can keep you comfortable even in the odd nippy days.


If you just need another white tee with a bit of fun and colour, the new Huf x Street Fighter Dhalsim T-Shirt (White) is the perfect option. This t-shirt will go well with any of your favourite jeans or shorts.

Staying stylish with a new getup is as easy as picking a few items from the Huf Skate Clothing & Accessories Spring 2021 Drop. Don't go out for a ride without ordering yours here at Yakwax!