Huf Men's Tops Fall 2022 Drop 2 Now at Yakwax

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The Huf Men's Tops Fall 2022 Drop 2 is Now at Yakwax!


Finding the right getup for fall shredding is easier than ever, thanks to various skate clothing brands of today. From the simplest and practical pieces to the most technical and stylish items, you will never run out of options when it comes to your skating getup.

Indeed, many riders prefer to wear the standard tee and jeans combo on a daily especially during the spring-summer months. But in the fall, you may need to invest on lightweight outerwear for protection, comfort and warmth.

The great thing about skate clothing brands is you can easily mix and match, and complement your existing clothes effortlessly. One of the most popular and resonating skate clothing brand is Huf. The company is known for their rad graphic designs and quality.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Huf Men's Tops Fall 2022 Drop 2 here at the Yakwax store. Choose from a colourful and stylish selection of tops for your fall shredding sessions.

Browse below for our top five picks from the Huf Men's Tops Fall 2022 Drop2 delivery


The vibrant Huf Space Dolphins Washed T-shirt (Purple) is made for the warmer shredding days. This eye-catching tee is made from 100% pigment-dyed cotton that's breathable and easy to wear, with eye-catching colour scheme and vintage-inspired artwork.


Fall shredding won't be complete without a few days of drizzle, so the Huf Essentials Zip Standard Shell Jacket (Chocolate) is a must whenever you're outdoors. This lightweight jacket is made with water-repelling material to keep you dry while riding.


White tees will always be a staple no matter the season; so, better grab the Huf Basement Beanbag T-shirt (White) to add to your roster of tees for fall shredding. 


For the chilly days, the Huf Space Dolphins Washed Crewneck Sweater (Black) makes a great light outerwear that will keep you comfortable and warm. This 80's inspired graphic crewneck sweater is super soft and effortlessly stylish.


When you need a comfy outerwear for fall shredding sessions, the new Huf Tear You a New One Pullover Hoodie (Sand) is the perfect option. This cotton-poly pullover hoodie is ideal for those super chilly days outdoors.

Complete your shredding style this fall with stylishly cool pieces from the Huf Men's Tops Fall 2022 Drop 2. All with FREE UK delivery at Yakwax for orders £50 and over.