Gorilla Surfboard Traction Pads Summer 2020 Collection Now at Yakwax!

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The Gorilla Surfboard Traction Pads Summer 2020 Collection has Landed at Yakwax!


There's still a few more days to enjoy the summer waves with your good old surfboard. The key to making the most of your summertime shredding sessions is to have the necessary surfboard gear and accessories on-hand even before you go out.

One of the most crucial items you should always have on-hand is your board's traction pad. Whether your board already has one attached or you're looking to update what you currently have, it's best to choose a branded one that offers more durability and quality. One of the world's most popular and renowned surfboard traction pad brands is Gorilla Surf. The brand is known for their tail pads and surfboard traction that meets the requirements of both professional and amateur surfers.

We are stoked to announce the arrival of the Gorilla Surfboard Traction Pads Summer 2020 collection here at the Yakwax store! With options ranging from 2-piece to 3-piece pads, colourful schemes, regular and thin traction pads, the choice is yours from this amazing drop.

Browse below for out top five picks from this Gorilla tail pad delivery


When you need maximum traction, the new GoIrilla Surf Kyuss Red Warp Check Tail Pad (Red) is the perfect option for you. Whether you ride a regular board or a hybrid, the Red Warp will keep you standing no matter the pressure.


Riders who require super lightweight and skinny traction will be pleased with the new Gorilla Surf Skinny Two Tail Pad (Cloud). This tail pad is also ideal if you love vertical tail kicks.


Sometimes it's best to choose a pro model traction to bring out the pro in you! The new Gorilla Surf Otis Carey Speckled Gaagal Tail Pad (Speckled Gaagal) is all you need to kick up your shredding prowess.


For riders who are fond of twist and turn movements while shreding, the Gorilla Surf Skinny Mid Deck Three Piece Front Foot Surfboard Traction Pad (Black) is ideal to keep you on the water for longer!


For high-performance surfers, the new Gorilla Surf Kyuss King Green Race Check Tail Pad (Green) is the perfect option especially in keeping your foot glued on the rear-end of the pad amidst all sorts of pressures.

Keeping your feet in place while surfing is among the essential elements of proper shredding. What better way to keep your feet secure on your board than to use proper surf traction pad that provides lots of benefits to the rider. Now's the time to up your shredding and update your gear at the same time. Shop from the Gorilla Surfboard Traction Pads Summer 2020 collection here at Yakwax with our FREE UK delivery!