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One of the much-needed skating essentials is an excellent pair of shoes. There's just no point to shred and enjoy this season's skating sessions if you're not wearing a good pair of skate shoes. It's not just because you need to look stylish, that comes only second to quality, but you need to protect your feet for long hours of shredding. Only top-notch skateboarding footwear will endure the harsh effects of skating, while providing ample feet support and cushion to the rider.

If you've been shredding for years, you know what we mean by investing on good pair of skate shoes. There are plenty of brands out there, but if you need the right kind of footwear, you will find out that most of the top brands have been in the industry for decades or more. One of those world-renowned skate shoe brands is Globe - one of the pioneers in skate footwear in Australia.

This is why we are so stoked to announce the arrival of the Globe Skate Shoes Fall 2020 Drop here at the Yakwax store! Choose among their latest and coolest series of skate shoes that provide proper support to the feet, and the styles that riders are looking for.

Below are our top five picks: 



The new Globe Motley Mid Shoes (Dark Choco/Black/Summit) will up your skating game this fall! This lightweight and durable pair of skate shoes has got you covered on both style and ample feet support and cushion.



If you love classically designed footwear for shredding, the rad Globe Encore 2 Skate Shoes (Red/White/Black) will surely make your fall skating more enjoyable and stylish. 



When you need a more robust pair of skating footwear, the rad Globe Mahalo Plus Skate Shoes (Black Wrap) is the ideal option. These shoes are made for those long hours of shredding, minus the quick 'wearing out' of soles.



When it comes to durability and support, the rad Globe Encore 2 Skate Shoes (Sand/Black) delivers all the needed benefits to your feet. These shoes are quite stylish, so you can wear them while shredding, for hanging out, and other situations.



The cool Globe Surplus Skate Shoes (Navy/Antique White) are oozing with class and style. These shoes are absolutely made for shredding, with all the necessary support and cushioning in place. They are also quite appealing, so you can wear them anywhere and in any outdoor/casual situation.


Skating footwear is a definite must for all riders. There's no excuse for not wearing proper skate shoes because ordinary sneakers and trainers are not designed for shredding. This is the right time to invest on the right type of footwear, so you can skate for hours on end. 

Check out the Globe Skate Shoes Fall 2020 Drop here atYakwax! Enjoy our FREE UK delivery when you order today.


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