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It's time to update your skate style this spring and onward, as the weather is slowly becoming more comfortable and warm. There's still a bit of chill in the air, so proper tops with either short or long sleeves will complement an outerwear and your favourite pants.

While there will be skaters who still stick with the usual t-shirt and a lightweight outerwear, you can also make use of a warmer long-sleeved shirt or tee. Sometimes it's better for most riders not to wear layered tops especially if they are after a more comfortable one that will allow them to move freely as they shred. Of course, it's best to complement your spring-summer style with a new pair of skate shoes as proper footwear will always be a must when skating.

There are skate brands that carry all these essential wear in order for riders to have ample selection of excellent items for skating and what not. One of the top brands in skate wear and footwear is Globe...

And we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Globe Skate Shoes & Clothing March 2021 Drop here at the Yakwax store! So, when you're needing a pair of skate shoes, make sure to toss in a shirt or tee for a complete shredding attire this season.

Check our top picks from this Globe skate shoes and clothing drop 


When you need a skate top that's a bit classy and casual, the Globe Foundation L/S Shirt (Olive) is the perfect option. Quite comfortable and lightweight, so it's suitable for shredding and any laidback setting.


If you want a pair of simple, yet rad skate shoes, the Globe Motley II Skate Shoes (Organic White Taj) are the best option. These shoes are absolutely made for skating, thanks to superb materials, flexibility and durability.


For riders who love coloured, basic tees, the Globe Every Damn Day T-Shirt (Midnight) makes a great alternative to any printed t-shirt. You can wear it with or without accompanying outerwear especially when the weather is warm enough, and with any of your favourite jeans/trousers.


The cool Globe Encore 2 Skate Shoes (Black/Salmon) are definitely designed for riding! These shoes are comfortable with superb materials and construction for smooth and enjoyable shredding sessions.


The Globe Traveller Crew (Bleach Free, Dye Free) is perfect for those chilly days. Whether you wear it with an extra layer of light jacket or hoodie, this lightweight top will keep you comfortable and warm while shredding.

Make sure you are well-dressed this season for those spring-summer shredding sessions. Having the proper tops and footwear will suffice this season's much-awaited rides, especially if you're looking forward to warmer and comfortable weather. So, check out the Globe Skate Shoes & Clothing March 2021 Drop here at Yakwax and enjoy our FREE UK delivery when you order.

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