The Futures Fins Spring 2022 Drop is Now Available at Yakwax!

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The Futures Fins Spring 2022 Drop is Now Available at Yakwax!


Surfing in spring is one of the most-awaited events each year. It is the time to enjoy a warmer season towards summertime, and many surfers are ready and rearing to ride the waves.

But before you go out there with your gear, make sure to check if yours is in proper condition. A surfboard may last a few seasons without problems like minor nicks and dents which can be resolved in minutes. But if you need to upgrade your riding style or simply needing a new set of surfboard fins to replace the old set, now's the best time to do so.

Among the most sought-after brands among surfers is Futures fins. The company is known for their innovation and technical experience in designing fins for achieving utmost performance. Both professionals and amateurs enjoy the superior features and benefits of Futures fins, that's why they are at the top when it comes to riders across the globe.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Futures Fins Spring 2022 Drop here at the Yakwax store! You'll find a great selection of fins from twin fins to thrusters that will surely fit your riding style.

Browse below for our top five favourites from the Futures Fins Spring 2022 delivery


The Futures Mayhem Small Thruster Surfboard Fin (Pink/Teal) is a neutral template designed by the legendary shaper Matt Biolos. This thruster is ideal for achieving a stable ride, and it allows more drive through turns.


The Futures Mayhem Evil Twin +1 Surfboard Fins (Black) is a brand new combination of twin fins with trailer created for the Evil Twin board model and all sorts of similar surfboards. These are very responsive fins with improved drive that many riders like.


The Futures Mayhem Medium Thruster Surfboard Fins (Yellow/Blue) is a neutral template with extended base. This thruster offers more drive through turns and quite stable as well.


For surfers aiming for smooth and easy rides, the Futures Gerry Lopez 9.7" Fibreglass Longboard Fins (Blue) are the perfect option. These fins are designed to provide excellent pivot and release.


If you need a stable ride, the Futures Mayhem Large Thruster Surfboard Fins (Blue/Violet) will provide that for you. These fins are designed with a neutral template with extended base for more drive through turns.

The choice of fins will definitely change your surfing experience, especially when you choose a set from the Futures Fins Spring 2022 Drop. So, upgrade your riding style and overall performance by picking one of these fins sets here at Yakwax! FREE UK delivery when you order today.