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The sunny, warmer months are always the best time to surf in popular locations. It is also the best time to update or upgrade your surf fins especially if the existing ones are already worn out or damaged by your previous surfing adventures.

This is why we are super stoked to announce the arrival of the Futures Fins 2018 collection at Yakwax! Choose from a great selection of fins from one of the most sought-after brands - from one-size, small, medium, large, specialised and 6-inch fins.

Known as the strongest and lightest fin systems in the market, Futures continue to design and build fins that are easy to install and remove from a surfboard. This ensures you and your mates enjoy surfing for longer without worrying about falling fins or the time you need to replace them.

We hope you love our top five picks from this Futures Fins collection:


The new Futures AM1 Techflex Thruster Surfboard Fin Medium - Blue Cyan help control your speed while shredding the waves. Designed by Al Merrick of Channel Islands, these fins are designed with Techflex construction and flat foil for a more stable feel.


Future- Rasta-Twin+1-Honeycomb-Fins

Complimenting Dave Rastovich's surfing style is the new Futures Rasta Twin + 1 Honeycomb Surfboard Fins. Especially designed to provide smooth rail to rail transitions.



The new Futures Grom John Honeycomb X-Small Surfboard Fins - Black Orange provide a loose and lightweight feel that's perfect for young shredders. This set is a re-issue of John John Florence's Signature Skull model, only smaller. 



You will definitely need the new Futures Jack Freestone Control Series Large Fibreglass Thruster Surfboard Fins - Polka Stripes on powerful waters. These fins provide more stability, help speed control and are quite resilient in forceful surf.



The new Futures Pyzel Control Series Medium Fibreglass Thruster Surfboard Fins - Black White put you in control and in the tube for longer. They are lightweight, allow you to control speed, and are quite resilient even in tough waters.

Make sure to browse this latest collection from Futures Fins Futures Fins to find the perfect one for your surfing style and skill. All with superb FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!

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