FCS Tail Pads Spring 2019 Collection Now Available at Yakwax!

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FCS Tail Pads Spring 2019 Collection Now Available at Yakwax!


Surfboard gear and accessories evolved through time as the needs and styles of riders constantly change. The general rule of staying on your board for as long as you can while on water requires precision and skill, which also takes time to learn especially if you're a newbie. But with accessories like tail pads and grips, it is a bit easier to do so while learning the ropes of surfing to becoming a skillful rider over time.

Brands like FCS understand this need for grippy surfboard surface to ensure riders have less to worry about while shredding the waves. Primarily known all over the world as the most innovative surf brand for the creating the most versatile fin systems, FCS has become one of the go-to brands for all sorts of surf accessories. So, it's typical to find surfers who complement their FCS fins with tail pads knowing the company only produces top quality products.

This is the reason why we are super stoked to announce the arrival of the FCS Tail Pads Spring 2019 collection right here at the Yakwax store! So before you head out for a shred, make sure to check this latest drop.

Our top 5 tail pads from this delivery

The FCS Julian Wilson Tail Pad Surfboard Grip (Black Blue) is as grippy as you can get from a tail pad. If you need thinner and highly sensitive tail pads, this is the right option for you.

If you ride a hybrid board, the FCS T-2 Tail Pad Surfboard Deck Grip (Acid Fade) should be your tail pad of choice. Keep your feet on the board no matter how fast you shred with the super resistant T2 tail pad.

For those who want minimalist and clean design on their surf gear, the FCS Julian Wilson LTD Edition Tail Pad Surfboard Grip (White Pink) is the perfect option. Best of all, this tail pad has all the right features you need for better grip while shredding.

For better grip and control of your longboard, the FCS LB6 Longboard Tail Pad Surfboard Deck Grip (Black) provides all the needed features. Quite resistant and grippy, this tail pad enables riders to shred fast.

If you need high-performance grip, the FCS Julian Wilson Tail Pad Surfboard Grip (Black Orange) should top your list of options. Start surfing better with enhanced speed and drive with this tail pad beneath your feet.

When it's time to upgrade your surf gear, make sure not to overlook your need for proper tail pad. The FCS Tail Pads Spring 2019 collection has a great selection to help enhance your shredding style and overall performance. Get yours here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!