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The FCS Surfboard Tail Pads, Grips & Leashes Spring 2022 Drop has Landed at Yakwax!


Riding the waves this spring and enjoying the warm weather are two of the most-awaited experiences of every surfer. Each year, surfers get to have fun and learn from each shredding day, whilst putting more effort to gain more prowess and overall performance.

There's no secret to conquering the waves, but there are ways to do so especially if you're serious in trying to achieve to get better each season. The more you practice, the more you'll achieve at surfing. But you will always need the proper gear to be able to do all those things.

Among the top must-haves for surfers, aside from their boards, are surfboard leashes and tail pads/deck grips. These surf accessories aid in the way you ride your surfboard, as well as provide benefits as you progress your riding skill and performance. One of today's top surf brands that truly resonate among surfers across the globe is FCS surf fins, leashes and grips. The brand is known for their fin systems and surf accessories that both pros and amateur riders rave about.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the FCS Surfboard Tail Pads, Grips & Leashes Spring 2022 drop here at Yakwax! So, if you're needing new leashes and/or tail pads/deck grips, this is the collection you should be checking out.

Browse below for our top favourites from the FCS Surfboard Tail Pads, Grips & Leashes Spring 2022 delivery


If you need a lightweight leash that's durable enough to withstand long hours of surfing, the FCS 6ft Freedom Helix All Round Surfboard Leash (Purple/Black) is the perfect choice. This leash is designed with ample stretch and strength.


The FCS T3 Eco Surfboard Tail Pad (Ash) is a 3-piece tail pad designed for performance surfboards. For long hours of shredding and to keep your feet firmly planted on your board, this is the ideal tail pad for you.


A vibrant leash that's made for serious shredding is the FCS 6ft Comp Essential Series Surfboard Leash (Acid). This comp leash is made for high-performance surfing, and it's quite comfortable, lightweight and durable.


If you love surfing mid-deck, you'll definitely need the FCS T3 Mid Front Foot Traction Pad (Black). This front-foot traction pad is made with lightweight quality materials, and designed to aid your overall performance.


The FCS 9tf All Round Essential Series Longboard Ankle Leash (White/Black) is the ideal option for riding all sorts of conditions. This ankle leash is made with durable and lightweight materials that do not twist easily.


The FCS Julian Wilson Surfboard Tail Pad (Midnight Camo/Haze) is a pro model tail pad that's designed for utmost performance and superior grip. When it's time to up your riding, this tail pad is the perfect option to achieve it.

Upgrade your surfing performance with proper gear and accessories from the FCS Surfboard Tail Pads, Grips & Leashes Spring 2022 drop. All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!