FCS Surf Wear & Accessories Summer 2020 Collection - Now at Yakwax

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The FCS Surf Wear and Accessories Summer 2020 Collection is Now Available at Yakwax


Summertime is soon to end and it's still a great time to shred and execute those rad moves. You may not be thinking of fall surfing at this time yet, but it's essential to prep for the upcoming season especially if you haven't already shopped for new surf wear and accessories.

It's never too late to prepare and grab what's latest for your favourite board sport. The transition time between seasons is one of the ideal instances (and reasons!) to shop for new gear, accessories and attire. There's always opportunity to update and upgrade your surf necessities, so it's best to look for them now and test them while summer shredding is still on-going.

One of the top surf brands to go for is FCS, as they are known for topnotch surfboard fins, accessories and other essentials. Even if this is your first time to update your surf gear, the brand offers plenty of items that are vouched for, tried and tested by countless professionals and amateurs alike.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the FCS Surf Wear and Accessories Summer 2020 Collection at Yakwax! Choose from a great selection of surfboard traction pads, rash vests, ponchos and other surf essentials to complete your summer-fall shredding!

Browse below for our top five picks from this FCS delivery


When you need a swim and surf top, the new FCS Hybrid S/S Rash Vest (Dark Heather) is the best option. Wear it as a t-shirt while you're on the road to your favourite surf spot, then wear it as a rash vest while swimming and surfing.


Keeping your car and house keys are important when you're out for a surf. The new FCS Keylock Car Key Safe (Black) has great safety features, so you can go and ride the waves without worries.


The new FCS Kolohe Red White n Blue Pro Surfboard Tail Pad (Red/White/Blue) will help you ride like a pro! With all the best features to keep the feet on the board, this 3-piece tail pad is an ideal option for riders who love to maneouvre their gear.


The FCS Shelter All Weather Poncho Change Robe (Black, Large) is a must-have accessory for all-year surfing. Whether you need it to change attire or to keep dry and warm after a dip in the cold waters, this large poncho is all you need.


If you need new traction pad, the FCS Julian Wilson Tail Pad Surfboard Grip (Grey Camo/Cobalt) is an ideal option especially if you aim for speed, lightweight and superb grip, and optimum drive.

Riding the waves no matter the season should also be the reason to update and upgrade your gear and attire. The FCS Surf Wear and Accessories Summer 2020 collection is the best way to end this summer and to start the fall season shredding! Order now and enjoy FREE UK delivery here at Yakwax!