The FCS Fins Spring 2019 Collection Has Landed at Yakwax!

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The FCS Fins Spring 2019 Collection Has Landed at Yakwax!


Surfing styles evolve as skill and performance become more technical through the decades. With these ever-changing factors, innovations in surfboard gear and accessories follow suit. This is particularly true for surfboard fins as the top brands continuously find ways to ensure that every manoeuvre, speed and control are properly executed by the surfer.

One of the world's most sought-after surf fin brands is FCS. Their revolutionary fin system paved the way for surfers to experiment with their surfing skills by having the ability to alter and replace fins with ease. Travelling is also a lot easier for shredders as FCS fins can be removed and kept to prevent any damage to their gear.

All these benefits and more are within your reach because the FCS Fins Sring 2019 Collection has just arrived at Yakwax! Whatever surfing skill you're at, you will surely find the ideal FCS fin for your style of shredding.

Browse below our top 5 from this FCS fins drop

The FCS II MF PC Medium Tri Surfboard Fins (Blue/Black) are ideal for power surfers who love speed, hard snaps and long carves. These fins are recommended for performance boards.

If you need highly responsive fins for your shredding style, the FCS II FW Firewire PC Carbon Medium Tri-Quad Surfboard Fins (White) are ideal for your board and riding style.

The FCS II Felipe Toledo FT PC Tri Large Surfboard Fins are the thruster fins ideal for overhead waves and all other conditions.

The FCS II KA Kolohe Andino PC Small Tri Surfboard Fins (Yellow Grey) is ideal for speed and progressive above-the-lip manoeuvres.

If you aim for speed, the FCS II HS PC Carbon Medium Tri-Quad Surfboard Fins are ideal to use. These tri-quad fins will not fit the standard FCS dual plug system, so you need the right board for these fins.

Finding the right fins for your style and board is easier with the FCS fins Spring 2019 collection. If you are progressing as a rider, make sure to check these latest selections for your next adventure. All with FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!