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Spring is one of the most-awaited seasons for outdoor activities and shopping for sports and casual wear. Skaters may not shop for new getup on a regular basis, but many are finding it enjoyable and worthwhile when shopping in spring.

The season is warmer, more relaxed and inviting - encouraging skaters and other sports practitioners to go out and do what they love. The right getup for the season is often airy, light and easy to wear so you can move effortlessly while shredding. 

Among the many reasons why we love spring is because of the latest drop from some of the most amazingly cool brands we carry. This is why we are stoked to announce the latest drop from DC Spring 2019 collection. It always gets better when DC has the latest range of tops, jeans and shoes for men and boys who love to skate. If you love skateboarding and street style, DC's newest drop will definitely excite you.

Browse below for our top five favourites from this collection:



Whe you love to break off a purely white top, the DC Granline S/S Polo Shirt (Snow White) has the right colour combination and placing on this totally cool collared top. It's perfect for any sport or casual situations and complemented with your favourite trousers or jeans.



The DC Boys Heathrow Prestige EV Shoes (Black Grey Red) are ideal for beginner skaters who love stylishly cool skate shoes with all proper cushion and support in place.



If you need a new backpack for school or office, this cool DC Backstack 18.5L Backpack (Nautical Blue) is perfect for daily use. With all the compartments you need for gadgets and other stuff, this is one versatile backpack you can use anywhere.



If you want classic skate footwear, the new DC Pure High-Top WC Shoes (White Blue) are the perfect choice! Enjoy shredding with the added swag with this high-top pair of shoes to complement your skating getup.



These days, many guys opt for slim fit jeans to show-off their long legs and cool style. The DC Worker Slim Stretch Denim Jeans (Indigo Rinse) fit your need for laid-back shredding or casual situations as they complement any of your favourite t-shirts and casual tops.


The need for skating and street style clothing, shoes and accessories will always be around just like one of the world's renowned brands in the industry. DC is a constant and resonating name in the skateboarding world, so always be on the lookout for their new releases right here at the Yakwax store.

Shop for the coolest tops and shoes from the DC Spring 2019 drop and enjoy our FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!











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